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The CCP800 Emissions Analyser

The main piece of emission testing equipment that we supply is the new Crypton CCP800 Combined Gas Analyser.

The CCP800 is an integrated gas and smoke analyser which uses state of the art digital technology.

This unit can be supplied with an oil temperature probe, battery RPM measurement for petrol and diesel, mouse, A4 printer, flat screen monitor and keyboard and a high quality roll-around cabinet.

Updating the unit is easy - the annual DVSA petrol vehicle update and any changes to the program procedure/test limits can be done simply by loading a disk so no service visit is necessary.

The CCP800 Emissions Analyser

Download a data sheet (pdf)

We often have some second hand Omitec emission testing units for sale - see our second hand sales page for more information.

CCP800 Features

  • Models Available +

    • CCP800-C-EN560 Cabled VOSA Approved combined gas and smoke analyser
    • CCP800-B-EN560 Wireless VOSA Approved combined gas and smoke analyser
  • Standard Features +

    • DVSA approved for classes III, IV & VII UK MOT test
    • Gas analyser is accurate to OIML Class 0
    • Complies to latest VOSA regualtions including BET’s test
    • Automatic calibration on smoke head
    • Battery Tachometer
    • Temperature Probe
    • Colour Laser Printer
    • 3 year on-site parts and labour warranty
  • Options +

    • Tachometer using ultrasonic and vibration technology
    • Commercial vehicle sample probes for central and stack exhausts
    • Choice of Wireless or Cabled Smokehead
    • Wireless temperature probe (BT Model only)
    • 3 year Extended Care Contract
    • 5 year Extended Care Contract
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