Garage Equipment and Associated Services


Other Equipment

jacking beamOur ATLs and OPTLs come with a range of equipment included as part of an MOT package, with a choice of four post or scissor lift.

This range of available equipment includes: car headlamp aligners, brake testers, jacking beams, play detectors and brake pedal depressors. We also supply garage pits. ATLs can also be added to the majority of Crypton’s existing emission testing products.

other MOT equipmentJacking Beams

Crypton Jacking beams can be operated manually or by using an air or hydraulic system, ensuring quick and effortless lifting (to MoT specifications).

Play Detectors

Features include:

  • Clever design creates a level surface for headlamp testing
  • Dual role by also acting as wheel chocks
  • Innovative design enables use of low hydraulic pressure ensuring safety whilst under the vehicle
  • Safe housing of inspection torch / control keeps it out of harms way when not in use
  • Automatic repeat of movements until control button is released

Brake Pedal Depressors

The Crypton Brake Pedal Depressor is also VOSA Approved


The garage pits that we supply are comprised of modular components which means that installation time is greatly reduced. Please contact us for more info about the type of garage pits we have to offer.

Other Equipment Specifications

  • Jacking Beam +

    • Lifting Capacity Class IV: 2000kg
    • Lifting Capacity Class VII: 2800kg
    • Scissor Lift: Air/Hydraulic
    • 4 Post Lift: Manual
  • Play Detector +

    • Creates Level surface for headlamp testing
    • Also acts as wheel clock
    • Uses low hydraulic pressure to ensure safety
  • Brake Pedal Depressor +

    • Weight: 1.5kg
    • Force application: 50kg for 5 minutes
    • Length of application: 72cm
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