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GEAS is an official Crypton and Omitec distributor - we supply, service and calibrate emission testing and MOT garage equipment

EURO 6 Diesel Emission testing Update

Deliveries of all new Crypton equipment are delayed – not just for GEAS but from any supplier, because the DVLA have unfortunately not given garages enough time to obtain and install their new equipment after waiting until 14th January to announce when the new Euro 6 Diesel Emission Testing would be coming into force.

New Crypton Delivery Time from 10-12 Weeks

At present it is taking around 10-12 weeks for Crypton equipment to be delivered as they are unable to keep up with the demand. We are doing our very best to support and help all of our customers during this difficult change over period.

DONT PANIC! - The DVLA have just issued a special work-around procedure with a new deadline for garages affected by delays.

If you are worried that your equipment is not going to arrive by the 20th May, don’t panic. The DVLA are giving you some extra time to get it sorted. If you haven’t contacted us to arrange an upgrade or order new equipment yet it is important that you do. The workaround is only applicable for businesses who have ordered their equipment and are affected by the manufacturer’s delay. All new equipment and software updates must now be installed by 30th September

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New Crypton 800 series Combi Emission Analyser

List prices plus VAT are £4,250 for the Cabled Version and £4,850 for the Bluetooth Version.

Peace of Mind 5 Year package: £3,150 plus VAT

The cheapest way to service your equipment over a 5 year period:
Two years extra warranty on new Crypton units, gas, smoke head and PC

All Calibrations included for five years – that’s nine calibrations in total
All DVLA Updates included

Crypton Sales, Service and Support

We have been calibrating, servicing and selling Crypton units for several years and are fully conversant with the equipment. We pride ourselves on our level of service.

Call the office on 01934 750079 to find out more!