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One Person Test Lanes (OPTL)

scissor lift

The Crypton Test Lane is VOSA approved for 'One Man' Testing of Class IV and VII vehicles. The CTL Control Centre offers improved garage efficiency for a greater return on investment.

Components are available separately or as part of a package. A scissor lift uses up less space (no intrusive posts), and completely retracts to ground level when recessed version is installed. Scissor lifts also offer a higher level of safety and noise reduction when the play detectors are in use.

OPTL scissor lift

Platform Scissor Lift Features

  • Recessed or surface mounted version available
  • Class IV Surface mounted option only 185mm for low chassis vehicles
  • VOSA approved hydraulic axle play detectors built into the ramps
  • No intrusive posts saving over 1 metre in width
  • Recessed lift leaves flush surface when not in use
  • No ropes for increased stability
  • Solid Engineering
  • Modern silver checker plate for a dynamic looking workshop
  • Hydraulic synchronisation of platforms

For Four Post Lift specifications have a look at our ATL page

The full Crypton OPTL package comes with:

  • Lift (4 Post or Scissor Option)
  • Brake Pedal Depressor
  • Hydraulic Play Detectors
  • 2 x Convex Mirrors
  • Headlamp Aligner
  • Jacking Beam

Download an ATL and OPTL data sheet (pdf)
Download ATL and OPTL specification sheet (pdf)

Platform Scissor Lift Specifications

  • CFL640/641 +

    • Class: IV
    • Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
    • Lifting Height: 1770mm (Approx)
    • Lowering Time: 20 seconds (Approx)
    • Runway Width: 600mm
    • Runway Length: 4540mm
    • Total Width: 2150mm (Pit)
    • Motor: 3.0 KW
    • Power Supply:400/50 v/Hz
    • Supply Fuse T16A
  • CFL670/671 +

    • Class: VII
    • Lifting Capacity: 5000kg
    • Lifting Height: 1630mm (Approx.)
    • Lowering Time: 38 seconds (Approx.)
    • Runway Width: 635mm
    • Runway Length: 5460mm
    • Total Width: 2225mm
    • Motor: 3.0 KW
    • Power Supply:400/50 v/Hz
    • Supply Fuse T16A
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