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Headlamp Aligners

headlamp alignerCorrectly aligned headlamps can make a direct contribution to safety on the road The Crypton HLA2400 headlamp aligner gives a fast, accurate checking service which will ensure that headlamps comply with all the current regulations. The HLA2400 is approved for the MOT testing of cars and motorcycles

headlamp aligner


  • Digital luxmeter
  • Works on headlamps that have centre to ground distance between 225mm and 1495mm
  • Wide clearly marked screen gives sharply defined pattern
  • Operator can see pattern alterations on the screen as he makes adjustments
  • Tests both 2 and 4 headlamp systems
  • Suitable for Xenon lights
  • Accurately portrays asymmetric beam patterns
  • Self contained - requires no power supply
  • Suitable for use with recessed or above floor mounted lifts
  • Comes complete with floor-mounted rails

Download a headlamp aligner data sheet (pdf)

Headlamp Tester Specifications

  • HLA2400-MOT +

    • Height: 1770mm
    • Width: 610mm
    • Depth: 610mm
    • Max measuring height: 1500mm
    • Min measuring height: 240mm
    • Focal length: 500mm
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